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Initial Magic Mushroom Drug Trials
Show Promising Results

You might feel like studying for that econ exam is giving you a heart attack. It's actually having the opposite effect. On average, the mortality rates of the inner-city participants (Glueck) at ages 68 to 70 resembled the Harvard participants (Grant) at 78 to 80. The exceptions? Glueck participants who graduated from college (only about 6%) were just as healthy as the Grant participants, even in old age. Meaning within these studies, a lack of education could shorten someone's life by as much as 10 years.

Just passing along the findings, so don't shoot the messenger! For the participants of both studies, alcohol abuse extends well beyond just the health consequences (note: moderation abuse). And that's saying something considering alcohol abuse is the No. 1 contributor to disease and early death among participants.

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